DJ's Decadent Chocolate Custard

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This flavor requested by my son features a smooth and velvety-rich chocolate tart that has become a local favorite. Made with a truly wonderful Swiss cocoa, this tart is topped with shaved white and dark chocolate. You will undoubtedly enjoy the deep chocolate flavor. This 7" tart serves 6-8.

D' Sweets uses all-natural ingredients. As with all custards, the tarts are made with a mixture of milk and eggs, thickened by gentle heating. Flour and salt are added sparingly but are what helps create the crust-less pie experience that you will enjoy over and over. These lovingly baked tarts create their own buttery crust-like topping.

Each new flavor is created using only the highest-quality fruits, vegetables or chocolate. We put a big emphasis on finding local suppliers, and use Strauss milk and butter, vanilla from Vanilla Saffron, a San Francisco company, and just recently we have begun to develop a relationship with an orchard in Los Gatos.


milk, eggs, sugar, cocoa, butter, flour, vanilla extract, salt


Based on a recipe handed down from great-grandmother to grandmother to mother to daughter – these custard tarts are the ultimate dessert! D' Sweets uses all-natural ingredients, with an emphasis on local sourcing.
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